Commissars' Soviet Socialist Republic
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"For the People."




Ivan Yurinov and Dimitry Stasov

Area of control

Russia, Slavianko, Medvedev, all of the Western seaboard



The Commissars' Soviet Socialist Republic or C.S.S.R is a multi-national empire which stretches from Russia to north-western Australia.


At the end of WWII in 1945, Soviet Russia was on the brink of collapse. Thousands of Red Army troops flooded back into the homeland to be greeted with a destroyed country and an angry leader that burdened the already exhausted soldiers with the grueling task of reconstruction of Moscow. Many soldiers were angry with Joseph Stalin's orders, but with the threat of being executed, they abided. During the early part of January 1946, two prominent figures rose from the the Red Army.

Two commissars, Dimitry Stasov and Ivan Yurinov, became prominent leaders of the rebellion against Stalin. Ivan and Dimitry gathered much support from the lower class workers and soldiers. The civilians knew that the two of them would be violently executed for talks of rebellion, so the lower class civilains never used Ivan or Dimitry's names which helped keep them from being suspected. They both talked of a forceful revolution and an instant reform of government. They urged the people to get involved and arm themselves and overthrow the dictorial rule of Russia. Eventually, the word spread to the Kremlin through a network of spies sent out by Stalin. On February 27th, 1946, the Cheka raided the slums of Moscow and killed anyone suspected of revolutionary actions. The day went down in history as "The Raid of Moscow". Over several thousand people were killed. Ivan and Dimitry were mortified by the atrocities carried out by Stalin. They both realized they had to act quickly to enact their revolution. On March 1st, 1946, thousands of armed civilians and soldiers led a huge charge towards the Kremlin.The few soldiers Stalin had on guard were quickly killed by the mob. Ivan, Dimitry, and several soldiers entered the Kremlin and dragged Stalin out by his feet. They then held a public beating of Stalin. Afterwards, the bruised and bloodied Stalin was presented on a small wooden stage in front of the Kremlin. Many civilians yelled and spit on him. Many called him "Murderer" and "Child Killer". Ivan then gave a short speech before the mob.

" I stand before you today as a fellow soldier... who is tired of the dictorial rule of this so called 'leader', well I say no more! Our people deserves better than paranoid genocide, we deserve more than poverty and hunger! We deserve the right to our country! Our path to revolution has been slow, but with this first step, our journey shall begin!"

- Ivan Yurinov

Ivan then pulled out a TT-33 pistol from his holster and shot Joseph Stalin in the side of the head.The mob cheered as Stalin's body was dragged through the streets. Many civilains beat his dead body until it was unrecognizable. Afterwards, his body was burned. The execution of Joseph Stalin was the largest turning point for Russia. On March 2nd, 1946, the Commissars' Soviet Socialist Republic was established. The original flag of the C.S.S.R still flies above the Kremlin today.


C.S.S.R Cabinet of Commissars

Prime Commissar Controls all aspects of government, can veto any action made by his cabinet.
Commissar of Defense Controls the Army, Navy, and Air Force
Commissar of Public Communication Controls television, radio, newspapers, and the press

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